IES Jakarta

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IES Jakarta is a massive English-speaking church in Indonesia with a very diverse community. Since there are many people in the community and visitors every week, the church wanted a website that is secure, well-organized, and easy for people to use. In short, they needed a platform that makes sure users can easily find the information they need all week long.


Inspired by simplicity, the website features a smaller slider and neatly displays the Service days and times. In addition, users can quickly find the Church Address and get Google directions with a single click. The oversized buttons enable users to quickly navigate and explore other areas of the websites, such as joining a Life Group, Engaging in Child or Young Adults Service.


The result is an organized website with over 25 pages, a regularly updated gallery, and an off-canvas menu with quick links. This user-friendly and responsive website delivers information in a fresh, professional, and quite simply, brilliant manner.


October 27, 2022